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The Power Is Within Us is a podcast series aimed at educating and informing people on how they can take control of their health, more specifically through optimising their immune function. Each week Sunna van Kampen, the founder of Tonic Health, sits down with an expert in the health and wellness space to give great and useful insight on unlocking our great potential. Because the power is within us

Sunna - Our Founder

“Every winter I would find myself feeling constantly rundown and tired, ultimately resulting in at least three to four colds each year which was holding me back from my life… I missed work, friends and sport which was my life. My immune system wasn’t working properly, and something needed to change. When I looked for a solution, I tried everything from Pharma drugs to herbal tinctures and nothing solved the problem… I found the natural options weren’t backed by science and the typical pharmacy solutions worked against rather than with my immune system.

So, after years of research studying the thousands of scientific papers, talking to immunologists from the British society of Immunology, leading doctors from the NHS and functional medicine practitioners… I learnt some pretty important things that needed to change to make immune health that actually works.”

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